Dream Lake

Watersports & Guesthouse


Dream Lake Portugal is a luxurious getaway located in Castelo de Bode Lake, offering stunning views and ample opportunities for relaxation and adventure. The rental features a private dock, perfect for swimming, fishing or boating. For those who seek to unwind, there is a garden jacuzzi with a panoramic view of the lake, a barbecue area, a spacious living room, a dining room, and several tranquil spots to lounge. Guests can enjoy various water activities such as paddleboarding, or try out the latest water sport craze – wakesurfing.









Introducing the ultimate watercraft for wakeboarding and wakesurfing enthusiasts – the Nautique G23! This boat is the pinnacle of performance and luxury, providing you with the ultimate wakesurfing and wakeboarding experience. With its cutting-edge design and advanced technology, the Nautique G23 is the perfect vessel for riders of all levels, from beginners to pros.
Equipped with Nautique’s patented Surf System, this boat generates a massive surf wave that is perfect for wakesurfing. Its state-of-the-art ballast system and advanced hull design create a wake that is perfect for wakeboarding, providing riders with the ultimate experience.


Centurion RI 245 – the ultimate wakesurfing machine! With the largest ballast system on the market and a powerful 7.4 engine, this boat is capable of creating the biggest, most impressive surf wave imaginable. No matter how many people are on board, the Centurion RI 245 can handle it with ease, providing riders with the perfect wake for wakesurfing.

At Dream Lake Portugal, we are proud to offer the Centurion RI 245 as part of our top-of-the-line equipment for our guests. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our expert instructors can help you make the most of this incredible boat, teaching you how to ride like a pro and giving you the ultimate wakesurfing experience.


wakesurfing / wakeboarding / foiling

1h – 220€

wakesurfing / wakeboarding / foiling

3h – 600€

wakesurfing / wakeboarding / foiling

6h – 1200€


10 people including boat persons can stay on the boat at the same time.

Swimming attire, comfortable and suitable outfit for the weather conditions. Don’t forget sunscreen, a hat and water. Please take your towel with you.

Yes. Life jackets are included in the price and are mandatory. Safety on the water is key. No matter what level you are, never forget to wear a life jacket.
We have many wakesurfing boards and they are includedin the price. Available in many sizes so that they are best matched to your weight and skills. Depending on what style you prefer, you can ride surf style and skim style boards with us.

Dream Lake has a great location to explore Portugal!

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